Although funding for Project Reintegration of Offenders (RIO) - a program geared to providing assistance to freed offenders - is not currently available, Fidelity Bonding services are still available to all at-risk job seekers (including ex-offenders).

Workforce Solutions can provide information on Fidelity Bonding services to both job seekers and employers.  This service is available to a variety of at-risk job seekers, including ex-offenders (individuals with records of arrest, probation, or any police record), applicants with poor credit histories or bankruptcy, veterans dishonorably discharged from the military, public assistance recipients, applicants with a substance abuse history, disadvantaged youth who lack a work history and anyone who cannot secure bonding through the regular commercial system. Fidelity Bonding services are available at no charge to the employer, making the employment of ex-offenders and adjudicated youth more attractive.

Furthermore, potential employers of ex-offenders and/or adjudicated youth should be informed of special incentives for hiring ex-offenders, such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program; which provides a tax incentive to employers for hiring economically disadvantaged ex-offenders.

For more information on the WOTC program click here. For more information on free Fidelity Bonding services click here.