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Forms for Parents

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Waitlist in Effect

We currently have a waitlist in effect due to reaching the maximum number of children we can serve on a daily basis. The waitlist helps us manage which family will be next in line to apply for child care services when a slot becomes available.

Reserve your spot on the waitlist by completing the Waitlist Form and faxing it to one of our listed centers:

  1. Mission WFS Center: Fax – 1-866-580-6089
  2. Weslaco WFS Center: Fax – 1-866-890-5452


Minimum eligibility requirements must be met in order to be placed onto our waitlist. Once a Workforce Solutions Child Care Staff reaches out to the next family in line to apply for services, the family must be readily prepared to submit a complete Child Care Services Application to include all required documentation.

Both minimum eligibility requirements and required documentation are listed within the Child Care Services Waitlist Overview.

After reserving a spot on our waitlist, families must contact us every 60 days to ensure contact information is updated and to remain on the waitlist. Click here to Contact Child Care to update your contact information (Request Reason: Update Waitlist).

Note: Individuals whose care was terminated due to excessive unexplained absences or unpaid parent share of cost cannot be placed on the waitlist for child care services before complying with a mandatory waiting period of 60 calendar days.


Waitlist Forms

  1. Child Care Services Waitlist Overview and Waitlist Form
  2. Consumer Education Information – Resource information regarding quality providers and training


CCS Application Forms

  1. CCS Complete Packet (Application)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  2. Eligibility Certification Form (pgs. 7, 8, & 9)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  3. Parent Rights (pg. 10)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  4. Parent Reporting Requirements (pg. 11)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  5. Parent Agreement To Report Child Care Attendance (pg.12)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  6. Child Care Attendance Automation (CCAA) Secondary Card Holder Request (pg. 13)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  7. Orientation to File a Complaint Form (pg. 14)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  8. Self-Attestation of School Attendance (Child) (pg. 15)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  9. For Self-employment/Cash Payments (pgs. 16 & 17)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  10. School or Training Schedule Verification Form (pg. 18)  (In English)    (In Spanish)
  11. Services Available by Workforce Solutions  (In English)