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Rapid Response

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Rapid Response

The Rapid Response Program is a prelude to the regular Dislocated Worker Program. This Program provides transitional services that are designed to assist in the early stages of a layoff. These services are offered in recognition that Dislocated Workers have various levels of need. Some workers only require minimal assistance to successfully return to the workforce, while others may need more.

Activities under Rapid Response acknowledge the importance of early intervention and are designed to address the most commonly recognized needs of Dislocated Workers. The services provided through Rapid Response are designed to help make the period of unemployment as manageable as possible and can be made available on-site.

Rapid Response Workshops include:

  • How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance
  • Stress Management
  • Financial Management
  • Job Search
  • Interviewing Techniques/Applications
  • Resume Writing

For more information about the Dislocated Worker Programs, please visit the Texas Workforce Commission website at: http://www.twc.state.tx.us/svcs/jtpa/rapid-response.html.

To schedule a Rapid Response Workshop or for additional information please contact Josue Vasquez, Coordinator, at (956) 683-3738 or via e-mail at joshua@wfsolutions.org.