Board of Directors

Workforce Solutions is led by a locally nominated Board of Directors (Board) that is representative of the tri-county region it serves: Hidalgo, Willacy and Star counties. This Board operates under the following guiding principles: Sustainable Partnerships, Economic Opportunity, and Strategic Vision for Change.

The 25-member Board consists of 51% private sector representation, while the remaining 49% is comprised of education, community-based organizations, labor, vocational rehabilitation, public assistance, and employment services representatives. The Board is responsible for the planning, evaluation, oversight, and fiscal accountability of the Workforce Services and Programs of the tri-county region.


Board Officers

Mr. Jaime Ortiz, Board Chair
Ms. Cristina Rivera, Vice-Chair
Ms. Dalinda Guillen, Treasurer
Mr. Federico "Fred" Lopez, Secretary


Board Member

Hidalgo County:

Ms. Cristina Rivera 
Dr. Daniel P. King
Mr. Francisco Lugo, Jr. 
Dr. Ida Acuña-Garza
Mr. Jaime Ortiz
Ms. Laura Treviño
Dr. Luis Daniel Buentello
Ms. Rebeca Hernandez
Dr. Ricardo R. Gonzalez
Mr. Robert A. Calvillo
Ms. Sara Garza
Ms. Sofia Hernandez
Ms. Sonia Quintero

Starr County:

Mr. Cesar Vera
Ms. Dalinda Guillen
Mr. Federico "Fred" Lopez
Mr. Noel Benavides, Jr.
Ms. Rose Benavidez

Willacy County:

Mr. Agustin Lopez, Jr.   
Ms. Martha Rebeles
Dr. Roy Sheneman


City of McAllen:

Mr. Joel Michael Bowen
Ms. Sonia Falcon
Ms. Rebecca "Becky" Guerra
Mr. Roberto Luciano


Chief Elected Officials 

Lead Chief Elected Official – Judge Ramon Garcia, Hidalgo Co.
Mayor Jim Darling, City of McAllen
Judge Aurelio “Keter” Guerra, Willacy Co.
Judge Eloy Vera, Starr Co.